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Company History

kiwoomam History Woori Asset Management company is a global Asset Management company most preferred by customers. 2000 ~ Present History
				2014.12.01 Woori Asset Management and Kiwoom Asset Management merged together, Creating Kiwoom Asset Management capitalized at 41 billion Won 
				2009.05.28 Company changed its name to Woori Asset Management 2006.05.30 Woori CS Asset Management was launched 
				2005.09.05 Reduction of capital stock by payment in cash 
				2005.06.01 LG Investment Trust Management and Woori Investment Trust Management merged together, Creating Woori Asset Management capitalized at 49.1 billion Won 
				2005.05.06 The major shareholder of the company was changed from Woori Investment Securities to Woori Financial Holdings, with latter acquiring 90% of the total shares
				2004.12.24 Company became affiliated with Woori Financial Group
				2004.05.19 Company was separated from LG Group
				2002.10.14 Listed on Listed index Fund (KOSEF) 1988 ~ 1999 History
				1999.01.05 Established No.1 Mutual Fund (Twins Challenge Fund)
				1997.04.23 Licensed for investment consultation And management
				1996.07.01 Changed the company name to LG investment Trust Management Co., Ltd. as it Changed its main business line. Permit was obtained from the Ministry of	Finance and Economy and Economy for management of securities investment trusts
				1996.05.27 Paid-in capital increase (Capital 30 billion Won)
				1996.02.27 Free Issue of new shares (Capital 6 billion Won) / Paid-in capital increase (Capital 9billion Won)
				1996.02.21 Company was relocated to 44-37 Yeoido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-ku, Seoul.
				1995.02.28 Changed company name to LG Investment Consultation Co., Ltd.
				1990.09.11 Registered with the U.S. SEC for business in investment consultation.
				1990.03.08 Paid-in capital increase (to 5 billion Won) 1989.10.18 Paid-in capital increase (to 3 billion Won)
				1988.04.01 Start business in investment consultation
				1988.03.31 Became the 7th company who registered for business in investment consultation
				1988.03.26 Lucky Investment Consulting Co. Ltd. was established.(Capita: 1 billion Won)